Adult ED Services


Adult Education is a complex landscape of centers large and small that cater to a diverse group of learners. Concurrently with a unique student body, these programs also face significant challenges on many fronts, from curriculum and digital learning initiatives, to budgetary and performance based outcomes, and coordinating staff that are predominately part-time. SMRT Adult Education Services are designed to cater to these multifaceted needs, helping programs streamline their processes and expand their proficiency in many directions. Our professional development and technical solutions support are flexible, scalable and sustainable to fit any program size and shape and help them on the road to success.

  • Process Management and Case Management
  • Digital and Distance Learning
  • Technical tools and data dashboard for administrators and instructors to track intake, student progress, and report outcomes
  • Professional Development and Training
  • SMRT Solutions for Adult Education
  • SMRT Core
  • Career Pathway Pack
  • Achievement Data Pack
  • Adult Ed Process Management Pack