Workforce Services


Workforce centers are a key community fixture for individuals at many stages of their employment career. For some they are a place to train for new skills after a job loss while for others they are a pivotal step on the path to certification and proficiency in their first career. These programs are essential to the ebb and flow of the local and regional labor pool for businesses and institutions and are essential in strengthening the community human infrastructure. Like other federal, state, and regional programs, workforce centers require strong demonstrative outcomes, showing how the work they do is putting people in jobs and keeping them there. SMRT solutions are built with these needs in mind, offering not only strategic and programmatic process management and reporting solutions, but also incorporating employability skills training and career navigator professional development and tools to reinforce consistent outcomes and increase staff capacity.


The services we offer to Workforce Programs are:

  • Insightful Data Tools
  • Process and Case Management
  • Digital and Distance Learning Implementation Support
  • Professional Development and Training
  • SMRT Solutions for Higher Education
  • SMRT Core
  • Career Pathway Pack
  • Technical Literacy Pack
  • Achievement Data Pack
  • Case Management Pack